Simplicity In Application

Nimitz® Pro G is a non-fumigant nematicide, which saves time and money with a simple broadcast application method. The granules can easily be applied with rotary or drop spreaders at a rate of 60-120 pounds per acre, not exceeding 240 pounds per acre per year.

Flexible Timing: NIMITZ Pro G can be applied any time of year as long as the soil temperature is above 55°F

Irrigation: NIMITZ Pro G must be watered immediately following application.

Equipment: Rotary Spreader, Drop Spreader

Aerification: It is not necessary to aerify prior to treatment, but solid or hollow tine core aerification or even light grooming have shown to facilitate the movement of Nimitz Pro G into the soil profile.


Nimitz® Pro G has the signal word of CAUTION allowing turfgrass professionals to avoid public hazard and complex application requirements like those associated with fumigant nematicides. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements are simple requiring only a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes plus socks and chemical resistant gloves for all common turfgrass applications.

A sod Rescue Treatment of 240 lb./A as a single treatment will require a respirator. This requirement is for Sod Farms only. Unlike other nematicides available, Nimitz Pro G has no REI.

Efficacy Summary

Nimitz® Pro G has been extensively studied by university and independent turfgrass researchers since 2008. Nimitz® Pro G reduces nematode populations and allows your turf to recover. Following a NIMITZ Pro® G application turf begins to recover by developing robust root systems, increased turf color, better turf quality, increased leaf density and overall greater plant health.

For the sod farm experiments of Empire Zoysiagrass infested with lance nematodes, the data shows decreased population density and improved sod harvestability.

Fluensulfone, the active ingredient in NIMITZ Pro G, provides direct contact activity on nematodes as well as systemic protection within the plant.

The Power of Simplicity

Nimitz® Pro G is a phenomenal nematicide that offers unparalleled reductions in Lance, Sting, Root Knot and Lesion nematodes (among others) as well as remarkable gains in root length and weight creating visibly healthier turf.

Fluensulfone, the active ingredient in NIMITZ® Pro G will not interfere with other scheduled treatment programs including fungicide rotational efforts and does not persist so long as to create a negative impact on the environment. Nimitz® Pro G is your only choice for sound, effective
low-environmental-impact nematode control.

  • It’s easy to apply with less stringent regulatory restrictions and no specialized equipment needed.
  • NIMITZ Pro G is a highly effective, nonfumigant nematicide that simplifies every aspect of nematode control.
  • No advanced training required
  • No buffers
  • No REI
  • No Fumigant Management Plans or complicated PPE.
  • No disruption of the delicate soil balance; fluensulfone does not harm beneficial microbes, fungi, bacteria or other soil microfauna.