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EPA approves NIMITZ® Pro G label for Control Solutions Inc./Quali-Pro and ADAMA

EPA Registration was granted on April 14, 2016 for NIMITZ Pro G, a nematicide powered by the active ingredient Fluensulfone. Turfgrass professionals now have a new tool for managing nematode populations affecting turfgrass.

NIMITZ® Pro G is a novel nematicide developed globally by ADAMA and Control Solutions for the Quali-Pro brand. It is the first new chemical nematicide to be developed in more than 20 years. No other plant protection product in the world has the same mode of action or ability to deliver a higher level of efficacy from a single nematicide application program. The fast acting and unique mode of action effects make NIMITZ Pro G a key tool in plant parasitic nematode management strategies, while residual activity continues to control nematodes and increase overall plant health. Fluensulfone is systemic, reaching both endo- and ecto-parasitic nematodes inside plant roots and in the surrounding soil.

NIMITZ Pro G causes irreversible nematicidal activity lethal to all nematode stages within 48 hours of exposure, all while not disrupting the delicate soil ecosystem balance. NIMITZ Pro G represents a new level in nematode control including greater application flexibility, a CAUTION signal word and unique mode of action effects on all life stages of nematodes, including the eggs. No other synthetic nematicide available can offer the environmental benefits and efficacy that NIMITZ Pro G can.

NIMITZ Pro G, the first chemical nematicide in almost 20 years to receive federal registration, was developed by Adama and Control Solutions for the Quali-Pro brand for specialty turfgrass markets including: golf courses, sports fields, residential and commercial lawns, nurseries, greenhouses and sod farms.

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Control Solutions began as a family owned business in 1958 and is built on to the commitment of serving the professional pest control and retail markets. CSI has added product lines for the Industrial, Lawn and Garden, Turf, Animal Health and Biocide markets, and is working with over 80 distributors serving those markets. Control Solutions maintains relationships with chemical manufacturers  worldwide and provides a ready supply of products in distribution warehouses across the U.S. The partnership with ADAMA, formerly Makhteshim-Agan Industries, multiplies Control Solutions’ agility in continuously adding new products to meet the needs of professionals and homeowners. “The one constant since the beginning in 1958 is our mission focus: to seek out and distribute effective and economical solutions for our customers,” stated Mark Boyd, President and founder of CSI. For more information, visit us at

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