NIMITZ® on Agricultural Crops

bellpepperrootFluensulfone is a proven product in the agricultural crop market. The  liquid formulation was developed for crops a few years ago for many agricultural crops facing nematode issues around the world. This photo shows an example  of fluensulfone-treated (left) vs. untreated (right) bell pepper plants. Notice the whiter, healthier root system with more density and longer root fibers.



agonturfWhile the crop formulation provides outstanding results in agriculture, it does not work well with tender turfgrasses. Not only would there be phytotoxicity, but the agricultrual product is not labelled for turf and would be illegal to apply.

This photo shows the results of an application of the crop formulation on turf. There is noticeable phytotoxicity apparent.

The crop forumulaton should never be used on turfgrass!

For more information about the NIMITZ crop formulation visit the Adama website.