Personal Protective Equipment

NIMITZ Pro G’s label has the signal word of “Caution,” allowing turfgrass professionals to avoid public hazard and complex application requirements like those associated with fumigant nematicides.

nimitzprog-applicationLabel Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements are less complicated – requiring only a long-sleeve shirt, long pants, shoes plus socks and chemical resistant gloves for all common turfgrass applications. A respirator is required for sod rescue treatments only. Please refer to the NIMITZ Pro G label for full PPE information.

Unlike other nematicides available, Nimitz Pro G has no Restricted-Entry Interval (REI).

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Federal Docket, July 24, 2014  states, “Fluensulfone (NIMITZ®) represents a safer alternative for nematode control with a new mode of action and a much simpler and straightforward product label.”